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Musical n'Art made using only Windows generations sounds

(CLICK WITHIN THE POST TO LISTEN) It seems that when ever you give a n’Artist a limited palette the instinctive reaction is to see how creative they can be with that content. We’ve seen this is ASCII art and now in this very creative musical n’Art piece uploaded to YouTube by crocz (AKA noby/badbandwidth) on Jul 19, 2008. On his […]



ASCII, text based graffiti n'Art

Before there was software to render any image as an ASCII art file there were gangs of n’artists who formed to create groups such as Amiga and Remorse who were the pioneers of a medium known today as ASCII. To read a detailed history of these groups check out : http://artscene.textfiles.com/history/essays/pcascii.txt In truth people were experimenting with type […]



In the beginning there was darkness, then there was n'Art

The n’Art Manifesto n’Art, it’s nerd art… D’uuuh! We, the registered n’Artist’s of this site, here by declare that dot matrix printer paper is beautiful, that the sound of a dial up connection login is music to our ears and that the beauty of the world is greater through thick framed glasses! We stand united under […]