The n’Art Manifesto

The n’Art Manifesto

n’Art, it’s nerd art… D’uuuh!

We, the registered n’Artist’s of this site, here by declare that dot matrix printer paper is beautiful, that the sound of a dial up connection login is music to our ears and that the beauty of the world is greater through thick framed glasses!

We stand united under one goal to collect and preserve the n’Art of the universe and to further the discussion, understanding and appreciation of n’Art for generations to come. That means NO TROLLS! You will be banned!

We seek to unite the n’Artists of the world to create a new appreciation of n’Art that is defined by metrics that transcend the traditional aesthetics, acoustic and other “criteria” and seek to create a new perception and appreciation for n’Art that expands our boundaries, understanding and knowledge of the world around us in a way never before appreciated.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that electron microscope imagery is beautiful, that antiquated computer parts are the model T Ford’s of our age, that the Hadron Collider is the most incredible machine ever built (circa 2012) and that the universe is far more magical, fantastic and immense than we can even imagine, but it’s kinda cool to make a picture of it.

n’Artists unite!

It’s n’Art, D’uuuh!


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